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Prevention of Disease

The most important thing that any medical service can do for you is to help you to prevent the diseases that cause pain, distress, loss of function, and degraded appearance.

In the mouth there are only two diseases that affect your teeth – dental decay and gum disease. Both are preventable with the right care by you, at home.

Our job is to work with you to give you the information, guidance and help that you need to avoid these diseases. If, together, we are successful, you can avoid the need for dental treatment, and preserve your mouth in a healthy, comfortable, functional, and attractive state, as well as saving money.

We also check, at every examination, for lumps and bumps that should not be there so that we hope to find and deal with any problems before they become serious.

Although not a disease, overload on individual teeth or groups of teeth can be very destructive, and we can help by identifying overload and correcting it by restoring lost function for you.

Examination and Diagnosis

Our routine examination checks:

  • The soft tissues of your neck
  • The action of your jaw joints
  • The soft tissues of your mouth including your lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, the floor of your mouth, fauces, and soft and hard palates
  • External examination of your teeth and their restorations
  • Digital Radiographic examination of the soft and hard tissues of your mouth and surrounding tissues. Read about radiographs (X rays)
  • Examination of any area that requires it under an operating microscope. Read about our microscope
  • If needed, a Laser device to confirm or deny the presence of decay in teeth.

Keeping you safe

There are very many different ways in which we, as a Practice, strive to maintain your safety while you are with us and under our care. One of the most important is the care that we take to prevent the spread of infection from one patient to another. This is the famous cross-infection problem that dogs our hospitals.

imageTo safeguard our patients we have set up a state-of-the–art Sterilisation Room, to ensure that those instruments that are not one-use and disposable, are cleaned to the highest standards.

We are proud of this facility and are happy to show it and explain it to any Member who would like to see it. Reusable instruments are cleaned under running water using magnification, and then re-cleaned in an ultrasonic bath to remove any dirt too small to be seen with the naked eye, and then rinsed in a clean sink. Next they are cleaned again in a purpose built washer/disinfector, which even cleans the inside of hollow instruments such as handpieces (drills).

Finally, they are bagged and passed through a vacuum autoclave which sterilises them by introducing superheated steam into every nook and cranny.

The bags of sterile instruments are initialled by the operative, and dated so that they can be re-sterilised if they are not used within a recognised time period. This is Best Practice according to Dept of Health HTM 01-05.

Where cross infection is concerned, can anything less then the best be good enough for you and your family?

Keeping you comfortable

We try very hard to make our Members comfortable while they are with us. We have a comfortable lounge with the day’s newspapers, good tea and coffee available, fresh flowers, a clean loo, and the whole Practice is air conditioned. But we think that we have found an important way to take our Member’s comfort even further – into the treatment room.

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