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We use so many different tools that you may be surprised to find one singled out for special mention, but the microscope is probably the most important instrument that I possess. After all, there is not much point in having excellent drills if I cannot see what I am doing!

imageOperating microscopes were unheard of when I started in dentistry, and even today very few Practices have them. This is partly due to their high cost (my Zeiss ‘scope cost £18,000), and partly due to the fact that, until you have used one and become used to using it (which you cannot really do until you have bought one) you really do not think that you need one.

It is only when you start to work with the level of magnification that the microscope provides, that you realise that you can see what you are doing for the first time. And what a difference that makes!

At first it slows you down – a lot. Because you can see detail that was invisible before, you can do a much better job, and more easily, but the greater attention to detail makes you slower, and the quality of the finished work much higher.

You never regain the speed that you had when you could not see the detail, but you become faster simply through being able to see exactly what you are doing.

This is all very obvious, but would you want to have your teeth drilled by someone who cannot see exactly what he is doing? No, neither would I!

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