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Full Mouth Restoration

Do You Need Full Mouth Restoration

By the time that most people in Britain have reached their fifties, their mouths tend to be in a bit of a mess.

Treatment and re-treatment of varying quality, and the tooth loss that follows it, lead to a cycle of weakness of individual teeth, which are also overloaded by the loss of other teeth, leading to their breakdown, more tooth loss, higher overload, and so on. Luckily this age-group are often is a position to afford to do something useful and effective to correct the problem, building strength and stability back into their mouths.

This is very satisfying treatment for a dentist to do, requiring high levels of skill and a great deal of experience. It is very rewarding for the client as well, who often achieves the appearance and comfort that he or she has wanted for a long time.

Sometimes this situation is a crossroad for the patient. If the restoration is not done, then the problems in the mouth accelerate, and lead to dentures, and all the discomforts and embarrassments that they can cause.

The further down the road of damage that the patient travels, the more difficult, involved, and costly it is to come back.

Treat your teeth and the jawbone that supports them as a seriously valuable asset, and you will not go far wrong!

In other words, put any problems right as soon as possible, and keep the need to invest in your mouth to a minimum. We have thirty years of experience in this type of complex work, and you can trust us to find a sensible solution for you while keeping the treatment and cost to a necessary minimum.

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