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This fear is almost always due to a bad experience

Often these happen in childhood. Sometimes the experience is very bad indeed and qualifies as an assault. You might be surprised how often during my working week I hear the same story. You would probably not be surprised at how angry it makes me.

Often I hear this story from people whose mouths have been damaged by years of neglect, directly caused by that bad experience.

If this is true of you, then it seems to me that the people who instilled this fear into you victimised you at the time, and the fear that they created in you has made you their victim ever since, by keeping you from the useful and positive aspects of dentistry that could have kept you well and comfortable. Effectively, these people have also robbed you of the money that it will cost you to restore your mouth.

If you wish, we can help you to take charge of this important aspect of your life

You can have a healthy, attractive, and functional mouth, and escape from the cycle of pain, treatment, and the slow destruction of your mouth and your confidence that may have been the pattern for you in the past. We can try to show you the way forward.

We can show you how to get rid of problems that could cause you pain without any warning; how you can make the supporting tissues, which are the foundation of your mouth, healthy and comfortable.

We can show you what needs to be done to stabilise your mouth so that it is free of disease, and finally, how it could be rebuilt to restore your appearance and the function that is needed to keep it well, and to allow you to eat comfortably.

Most importantly, I hope that you will let us show you the way to do these things with confidence, so that coming to the dentist becomes routine rather than frightening, and, in time, a pleasure, as it is for many of the people that we see as friends as well as patients.

We can help you to achieve this

We have done this for so many people in the past. If this is what you want, you can have it! Of course, in order to achieve this for you, you have to take a chance and trust us.

In return we will try very hard not to betray that trust.

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